25 thoughts on “*THE KING* STUART MACGILL 9/113 vs PAKISTAN 1998 1st TEST RAWALPINDI

  1. that time in Pakistani team their was a Politics and Match Fixing going on its peak

  2. @shutuprafa Well that situation is about to be rectified in glorious fashion!!! No dodgy lookin videos from ROB……

  3. @robelinda2 Definitely psyched for the upload! That was precisely why I asked. There’s more footage of his batting than his bowling lol. Just a grainy vid of a googly bowled to McDermott 

  4. @shutuprafa Some superb deliveries so far, fun stuff to watch! Hardly any Qadir on youtube.

  5. @shutuprafa You better be ready today, new years day, and ABDUL QADIR day on my channel. Ive gotten up at 6am to start work on a fabulous Qadir compilation, PURE GOLD MAN!!!!

  6. @shutuprafa Yeah you greedy cunt, shut the fuck up!!!! LOL!!! I will do an Abdul Quadir compilation for you soon, GOOD REQUEST!!!

  7. @robelinda2 I feel really greedy for asking again, but are you working on uploading any of the 80s stuff you have involving Abdul Qadir? It’s cool if you aren’t; I just couldn’t suppress my greed in inquiring about your uploading plans. Thanks again for the awesome upload 🙂

  8. He was a great bowler. Think he put more spin on the ball than Shane Warne. Pity he lived in the same era as Warne. Almost a wasted talent. Deserved to play much more.

  9. Awesome Rob. It sickens me that he didnt play more tests, I’d rather have watched him than Warne, but, well, I am in a serious minority so there you go. Great footage!

  10. Gold vid, i always liked mcgill, even after he gave sarwan the elbow in australia..

  11. Terrific Moment at 4:09 … can’t believe it rob , that moment actually came back to me after seeing it , great vid !!! underrated stewie macgill

  12. being a leggie… i really appreciate this vid rob…probably in any other era stuart might have ended with 450+.. only he had to bowl with SKW

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