20 thoughts on “Australia cricket team bus attacked with rock in Guwahati,Two suspects arrested | Sports Tak

  1. india terrorist ki maaa hai indian goverment terrorist ko janam dete hain
    raw baap hai terrorist ka …………….pakistan main jetne bhi loag pakre gaye hain un sab ne kaha hai raw india hamare hellp karta hai ……..kashmir main dekho zulm ……….

  2. India is all about throwing bottles,attack on teams, burning stadiums and rape their own sisters??

  3. Lashkare- toiba, ISI and kashmiries involved. Indians Hindus are Innocent , Please trust me , They are gay hahahaha

  4. 1. India is terrorist sponsored state 2. India love terrorist and invloved other couuties persnal maters like Bangldesh, Burma, Pakistan and Afghanistan 3. India is the only reason behind the instability of its neighbors Afghanistan, Pakistan,Iran and Indian occuped state of Kashmir and Pakistani state of Baluchistan 4. India is biggest rape capital in the world and they sponsored, export and trained terrorism involved in Peshawar kids incident in 2014. when some jihadi bombing on there own country then they play the victim card ?? 5. India taking money from US and other side the funded to Pakistani Taliban groups in against US, NATO and Pakistani soldiers to kill. they playing double game 7. India always interfere in indian occupied Kashmir they should 1st look at there home then others home 9. India is the mother of terrorism and rape captain in the region 10. India is always jealous of its neighbors progress and they try to pull their legs in the name of terrorism 11. India always play victim card but the fact is all regional neighbors are victim of Indian terrorism, Indian involved terrorism in own country in the name of Lashkar-e- toiba to make Indian people against Pakistan – Famous Samjota Express train incident BOMB blast involved on-duty Indian Army colonel , He revealed all how raw involved in planted bomb in Train and Bombay blast . How Indian Army – Raw killed Hindus and Sikh in Kashmir to get international attention on Kashmir to use LASHKARE- TOIBA name to nail it down . Read book of Bill Clinton written after presidency.

  5. I am a blind person and here some other blind person, so Vikrant sir it is request that pleas post the video with speach.

  6. i am from assam i know assam culture is mother fucker people all Assamese bloody nd srry for Australia attack???????

  7. This should not happen in India.. we r not Pakistan.. looks like a pre planned thing by sm ppl who have an agenda

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