20 thoughts on “Zeros to heroes at the Gabba

  1. Siddle wasn't worthy in the team but we(post 1995) guys have so many memories along with him. When we started watching cricket we only knew him from whole Aus team because of his face's unique structure! Love him a lot!

  2. Australians are a little far biased in the commentary….a commentator's job is to stay neutral and not favorable to any team be it their own country playing

  3. So England Bowl out Australia for a pretty mediocre score of 295, and the subsequently reply with just 136. in the first innings they lost 6 wickets for just 9 runs. Even at the end they could of at least tried to stay at the crease and get a draw.

  4. where is zeros to hero… australia always winning in this match…. and finally aus win so where is zeros to heros… fake

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