20 thoughts on “THE DEBUT – Ashes Cricket Career Mode #1

  1. Hi Friend,
    I have a youtube Channel Called Tamil Speedy with 398k subscribers,
    i have created another channel for gaming.yesterday i have uploaded ashes 2017 gameplay but i got copyright strike from aiplex software media.
    I would like to get some help from you as you are doing well.
    Please help me out with this.as gaming is my passion .please help me how to avoid copyright >>
    awaiting for your replay

  2. The faces pixelate when playing, they need to fix this and like usual no reply or fix update as always with big ant!

  3. In the 2017 ashes, the Ritchies and the barmy army play the ashes tune on trumpets and stuff. Really funny.

  4. Hey I have started my career mode on this game and was wondering how to choose who to get sponsored by

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