19 thoughts on “The Ashes 2010 4th Test Day 1 Boxing Day MCG Melbourne

  1. Bill Lawry, Mark Taylor, Ian Healy, and Michael Slater were all terrific cricketers. As commentators, they're all appallingly one-eyed, and all incapable of stringing a meaningful sentence together. Great to watch if you're English, but the dreadful commentary of that lot spoils it. What a loss Tony Greig and the incomparable Richie Benaud are to Aussie commentary.

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  3. My favourite day's cricket ever! 1-1 in the series, Ashes in the balance and by Boxing Day morning (in the UK) the scorecard read Aus 98 all out, England 157-0 and I knew right there that the Ashes were won, the rest of the match and Sydney were just a pleasure to watch this England side, knowing the Ashes were in the bag! ….What a change 4 years later, but we won't talk about that 😉

  4. I am of the view that Australia got carried away with the loud cheers they recieved whenever the batsman went out. Test cricket never rewards the crowd pleasers

  5. I am Indian but a die hard cricket fan
    Came to support both the teams at MCG
    But England dominated the whole day as well as the match

  6. RIP Phil Hughes, really gets me watching him bat in highlight reels like this. Just emphasises how sad his death was, he was a young man full of life who should have lived a lot longer. From an England fan.

  7. I'm sorry it's me again, but the bias of the commentators is quite breathtaking. Ryan Harris is going to save them with a test av of 21. The grass will still be there for the Aussie bowlers 20 runs here and there could make all the difference. The Aussies batted terribly, that's why they got 98. We didn't which is why we won.

  8. It must be an "Australian thing" to walk out on your team that you supposedly "support"
    when there been dealt to by the opposition not just in cricket I've seen it happen in other sports as well like rugby.

  9. Mate if you have the original recording, do you happen to have the adbreaks? I'm desperately trying to find the 2010 Johnnie Walker ad with Steve Waugh.

  10. Extraordinary day 1. Unbelievable… at the MCG. I had never heard of an Aussie team getting out for under 100. I was a live eyewitness at the ground with my mate. I just watched the innings again. We were never comfortable. Heavy weather and England sending us in to bat… great call. Thanks for the memories.

  11. What I found amazing after watching the DVD of the series was that the Aussies allowed Phil Hughes (RIP) to be miked up before the match during the anthems, and they were interviewing him! Ponting was saying at the toss how he was leaving Hughes and Smith alone and then poor Hughes has Mark Nicholas in his ear 5 minutes before the start of the match. Daft!

  12. You know you're having a good day when you waste both reviews early and still get the opposition out for less than 100!

  13. Best England performance I've ever seen in 30 years of watching them. Never saw England fans deserting their team when we were getting twatted on a regular basis by Warne , Mc Grath et al?? Just goes to reaffirm that England have the best fans in the world at yet another sport. Emptying the famous MCG by tea!! Lol …. Fucking fare weather fans!!

  14. Australia certainly are bad losers, the MCG was devoid of Australians after tea, so much for supporting your own team, talk about fair weather fans. Ha Ha Ha Lol

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