25 thoughts on “Shakib Al Hasan Bowled Shane Warne’s Ball of the Century

  1. shakib is the best player ever by bangla…..how ever he should learn to calm himself under tense situations .,,,,as in the last over in bpl semi final ,,,,by the way ….i am his fan from pak.

  2. Hahaha….so proud of him being a bangladeshi….hope he can continue doing these types of bowling…

  3. @ExtremeEnergyForce he is a good player but u forgot about jaque kallis and flintoff.

  4. @arifaashrafi i understand your point, but please, learn to speak english before you start insulting english people.

  5. @kaziabir1 We Should Play Our game As we like to play.. Ever player should play his natrural game…

  6. @ExtremeEnergyForce Couldn’t agree more…but problem is they think they are already pros, too much ego, I would understand because I am a Bangladeshi myself and when I bat I have hard time controlling myself, I play risky shots and after getting out wonder why did I play that stupid shot. Especially the ones outside off stamp I can’t resist.

  7. My advice to the Bangladeshi top order and definitely the openers is to look how the South Africans bat especially a player such as Hashim Amla. Just look at this guy’s average, its over 55 but that is because he plays like a proper opener. He plays proper shots, takes his time, finds the gaps and protects his wicket. That’s what the Bangladeshi batsman needs to do if they are to excel.

  8. @kaziabir1 yeah I know. What I have a problem is that it happens frequently. An opener is to score runs at a moderate rate but the Bangladeshi top order play careless or nervous shots so something fast has to be done if they are to progress. I was so disappointed in their 3rd ODI against Pakistan where they should’ve easily won but failed. Tamim during that series only scored a mere 4 runs which is totally disappointing. Tamim needs to revert to his aggressive nature again play like he use to.

  9. @ExtremeEnergyForce Our top order are bunch of morons…they always fucking fail, what makes me angry is they get out for stupid shit, for playing stupid shots.

  10. @arifaashrafi Shut up illeterate nigga…..u dunno watcha tokn abt…..u grass eating idiots jump around jus coz of one fluke delivery, no wonder ure country cant even be seen on the bloody map, coz ure all full off sh*t. Long live the queen —

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