Problems for England Cricket are just not getting any lesser

The problems for England Cricket are just not getting any lesser. Last year, ahead of the World Cup, they found themselves in a desperate position of making a change in the captaincy and now when the Ashes series is just weeks away, they can’t quite decide whether they should persist with the head coach or not.

Peter Moores’ second tenure as England coach has turned out to be an absolute failure.

If the test series against India is barred, England has been pathetic in every tournament that they have played under Moores in the last one year or so.

Of course the coach does not go out there on the field to perform and thus, he can’t be entirely responsible for the team’s performance, but, he remains in charge of the tactics and selections and if those things wrong, then the blame falls on him.

Moores’ selections have been baffling in all forms of the game, whether you talk about playing James Taylor in a finisher’s role in the World Cup or playing Jonathan Trott as an opener in the third match of the recent series against West Indies, they were all rubbish decisions.

And, his tactics too, it was hard to figure out why he did not go for an extra spin bowling option in the Barbados test match when it was evident that the ball was going to grip on that pitch from the second or third day.

Moores is not believed to be liked very much by the top brass of the England Cricket Board.

The writing is on the wall for him now. It seems only a matter of time before he is told he is not needed.

The new chairman of ECB is actually in favour of appointing a renowned ex skipper in the director’s role and entitling him with decision making power in every regard, especially the selections.