10 thoughts on “Match Analysis with Sanjay Manjrekar: Australia v India, 2nd Test, SCG

  1. I agree with keeping Virat in the side. He has talent and good technique. And most importantly, he has a lot of time to play for the team. Rohit sharma is another very good batsman. Keeping him out of the team is foolishness.

  2. i will watch and i will comment u dare to debate on this one. i drag into dust.

  3. @pakistanhamarijaan don’t watch him then, don’t think he needs haters like you

  4. Can’t drop Laxman against Australia though, and he did just enough to get selected for the next test. Virat Kohli has been given so many chances in recent times and he’s shown that is technique isn’t up to the mark right now. Rohit Sharma should definitely replace him, Kohli’s confidence would be so low there’s no point persisting with him right now he’s not going to score runs any time soon. Sure he’ll be a star of the future, but not present

  5. Australians say : oh ya.. thank u for ur service.. we don need ur service now with ur given form. thank u.
    Indians : seniority .. he won a match last year.. he has 10 K runs.. thats the difference..

  6. Sanjay manjrekar sorry to say but your analysis r not on any solid base… you are a fluker.

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