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  1. the first team score runs and set the target (160 in this match) second batting team has to score 160+ to win match..india won match by losing 4 wickets so 10-4 I.e. 6

  2. Everytime you get out by getting the ball hit the wicket or a catch then it's a wicket and 160-6 means that Australia lost 6 wickets in their innings .
    and yes , ball of out the park is 6 and when it rolls or bounces inside the boundary then it's a 4 . hope it helps ?

  3. Australia batted first and made 160 runs…. The dash 6 (161-6) means 6 wickets (or 6 outs). In baseball you get 3 outs max per innings, right? Well in cricket you get 10 outs per innings.. But in the 20/20 format of cricket there is only 1 innings!… SO one chance for a team to score runs and one chance for the other team to try and beat the score. That means if Australia could bowl India all out (10 outs) before they can make the 161 target then Australia would win. But India made 161 with only 4 outs. Hence 161-4.

    So India won by "6 wickets" aka they won by 6 outs, because Australia needed to get India out 6 more times (6 more wickets) but they could not do this and India made the run target.

    Scoring: There are 6s (over the fence… actually its just over the boundary line/rope on the full)… If it goes over the boundary line/rope but not on the full (i.e. it bounces or rolls over) then its a 4 (4 runs).

    Overs: You saw the 20 overs right? That's why this format of cricket is called 20/20 cricket. Each team gets 20 overs of balls to face. 1 Over = 6 balls. After 6 balls are bowled (thats 1 over) the bowler must be changed to a new bowler and the bowler and his field swap ends and bowl from the other end. So 20 overs = 120 balls. That means the batting team faces 120 balls to score as many runs as possible or chase the run target if they are batting second.

  4. hiee guys …scoring goes like this 160 is the runs scored and 6 are the whickets ie the batsman who have got out….in cricket there are 11 players…so its 160 for six whickets….when the batsman hits the ball out of the stadium is called as a six..and if he hits it along the ground to the boundry its called as a four..and when the batsman hits the ball and runs back and fourth between the wickets is 1 run ans vise versa…hope you guys must have understood some stuffs

  5. an over has 6 balls. 20 overs is 120 balls. the 19.1 overs ears they made the score in 19 overs and 1 ball which leaves 5 more balls to male up the 20th over. The doh means that India made 161-4 that means that in making 161 only 4 people got out and Australia 160-6 because 6 people got out. there is a total of 10 wickets per team so since India only lost 4 wickets then 10-4=6 so they won by 6 wickets

  6. all those runs of all players collectively make a team score along with those of runs conceded by bowlers for illegal deliveries called extras.

    this score is seperated by a dash and is indicated with their loss of players in numbers. In this case is 6. So australia finished up with 160 runs with loss of 6 wickets. and india chased it down with a loss of 4 wickets.

    Now when India has still 6 wickets remaining in their 10 wickets, It is said as India has won by 6 wickets.

  7. you should have done a video on ind vs pak nothing can beat this match

  8. go and watch and react ind vs bangladesh 2016 wt20 . great match of era

  9. first understand the cricket and then do reaction…very bad reaction…and stop laughing like stupid

  10. Hi , to both of you . Please go through the rules of the game and then you will enjoy it more .

  11. the number after the s
    dash shows how many people are out. and if the team batting second gets even 1 more run than what the team batting first scored then they win but if 10 people get out then that team can't bat anymore. plus they have to reach that in the number of balls given only

  12. It's nice for Americans and other countries and places take an interest in sports beyond their own like Cricket, Rugby, AFL etc, etc, we appreciate it, and please keep up the good work you guys :).

  13. just shows how dumb u guys r.. if u don't know d sport read abt d basics b4 reacting.. or else react to interracial porn..

  14. Runs in simple Logic:

    A batter can score a maximum of 6 runs when a ball is bowled at him. if the ball through past the fence, then its a six.

    If the batter hits the ball and it pitches or strolls through the fence then its a four.

    If the batter hits the ball and starts to run across the wicket then its counted based on the times he/she reached the other end. For example: batter can hit and run one time = 1 run, hits and runs twice (back and fourth = 2 runs) likewise batter can run multiple times until the opponent team gets the batter out. This is when the opponent team fielders stops the ball hit by the batter and throw them into the stumps. For more ideas on run outs checkout videos in youtube for classic fielding / run outs in cricket.

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