5 thoughts on “India and the Two Chucks at the WACA – Day 3

  1. y the fuck arent the two fucks sam n jarrod dick talkin bout england gettin thrashd by pakistan .. dese team england and australia cnt play shit in the sub continent ! dikfaces

  2. Sehwag is one of the people who need to be dropped he’s averaging 17 in his last 16 innings. And now he’s going to be captain I don’t get it. Rohit just has to play for Laxman. I’ve been a hardcore supporter of these legends for years but today my faith was rattled. It’s the end of a glorious era. And now we have to make some changes. Bring in Rahane for Sehwag and let Dravid captain for the next match. And sack Duncan Fletcher for god’s sake. 7 tests in a row, and Duncan just blaming on “luck”

  3. Its hard for India to drop batsman when they are all playing rubbish? Who would you drop first? Bet they do better without Dhoni captaining.

  4. If the Indians don’t have the balls to drop anyone next test then at least Dhoni is out. Farout can we please bring in Rohit Sharma, Rahane and Ashwin in. Seriously aged 24, 23 and 25 if this isn’t the right time to groom it never is. No oldie deserves their except Sachin. Dravid you were great in England by being bowled 5 times out of 6 innings shows you aren’t The Wall anymore. Laxman has lost all counter attacking instinct. Sehwag needs to stay in India and never come overseas. CHANGES PLEASE

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