13 thoughts on “How The 2009 Ashes Was Won

  1. 42.40 – when they said Flintoff was the greatest all rounder of the noughties…what about the likes of Kallis, Cairns, Vettori and Pollock?

  2. Warne chatting nonsense, Lords is traditionally the 2nd test Venue in the Ashes. It's a 2005 phenomenon.

  3. Love it how there is no mention of the trips taken by the English twelth man and physio during the last session of the 1st test in Cardiff.

  4. Typical sour grapes from Warnie in rubbishing England (while exonerating his own Ashes defeat in 2005). In hindsight, this was a pretty decent England team, made up of the likes of Strauss, Cook, Trott, KP, Collingwood, Prior, Flintoff, Broad, Anderson, Swann, Panesar.

  5. Warne only said Lord's because we're nearly always poor there. Was it 405 runs this season? Going to Cardiff or Durham takes the heat out of the whole thing. Can you see Aussie not playing the first Test at The Gabba? No chance.

  6. The '09 Ashes were good, even great in parts but for sheer entertainment, tension, brilliant cricket and unbelievably close matches nothing really compares to the '05 series. The best two of my lifetime were 1981 and 2005. Yes I'm English and therefore probably biased but those two series had everything. I think I'd still call them the best I've ever seen if Australia had won them both. 

    The worst I ever saw was the last ones in Australia. England were woeful throughout and we deservedly got our butts kicked even worse than the 06/07 series. Both times we went in complacently believing we'd walk them when any idiot knows Australia are NEVER easy to beat, especially not on their own soil. 

    I'm hoping that this summer we see another classic series and England win but I can't say I feel confident because in my opinion we have a dreadful skipper, no real talisman like either Freddie or KP and we don't stand up well to pressure. Just look what happened against the Windies and New Zealand.

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