25 thoughts on “Angelo Mathews unbelievable catch vs australia

  1. @chinthakasan1 . Mate just think who brought the team to that winning situation… was it u??? Have u ever played cricket .and do u know the meaning of TEST cricket.?? It is a test of the mental strength of the individuals who makes a team….. without individual strengths,, there is no team power… If u can’t appreciate the ability Please keep your bull mouth shut without making yourself a joke to everyone who knows cricket better than you…. try on something else… Carom.. Chess?Try them..

  2. @chinthakasan1 dude i think we were gunna lose either way. I mean the tail enders fell like flies towards the end. That wasn’t Angelo’s problem. Even though he was thinking about that and his century all at the same time in front of millions. Stress much?

  3. any way most selfish player in srilanka.we lost last test match because of his century.shame on you man.

  4. Warner shoud not have protested-learn from Indians: Aussies-check what happened in Test between India & Ingland whrer Indian Captain Dhoni did the right thing by recalling batsman legaly out ,back to crease: You got lot to learn a lot Aussies!=Look at the way Game is played by countries like India SL, England-In the sprit of the Game!! Watch & learn

  5. way to go guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! angelo u r AWESOME. Great work Mahela. Keep going guys and show how well the lions can ROAR!

  6. @izak1347 lol man, da best catch was done by david hussey who caught it while playing for kolkata knight riders…however i do agree wit da fact dat it was a good catch, but wen dis is seen in real-time, i’d prolly rank dis as no.1 as mathews never had time

  7. Wow What A Catch! Simply Brilliant! The match proved a great catch like this can turn the game to your side from nowhere!!! Well Done LIons!!!

  8. without a doubt angelo is da superman n superhero of da modern cricket.he have guts, he have talent n last not least he have brian of a bowler, batsmen and a fielder..great work angelo n im pretty sure thr will more n more 2 come in da future…

  9. Spectacular catch, but the best catch ever would be one which David Warner himself caught….while playing for Delhi Daredevils. Remember? The one in which he goes outside the boundary, jumps and pushes the ball into the ground, and then jumos again to catch it..! Now that’s what you call BEST!

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