Afghanistan Cricket team carries Best Bowlers

The Afghanistan Cricket team is fabulous in terms of fast bowling. If they work a bit on their discipline and start pitching more balls on line and length, they can cause some issues for even the test sides in Australia/New Zealand.

They played a practice game against India at Adelaide Oval the other day and though the score line of that game does speak too highly of them, the fact is that they had the men in blue under a bit of pressure.

They were clocking 90 miles on the speed gun with new ball and were beating the Indian batsmen in pace.

Had the boundaries been a little more stretched and had some of the top edges gone to hand, India might have been bowled out for not too many in that game.

They got off the hooks in the middle part of the innings though as the ball got softer and at the end, the score was well and over 300, but, one would definitely believe if the conditions suit Afghanistan a little bit and they get a bit of cushion as far as the size of the boundaries is concerned, they can bowl sides out cheaply.

Hammid Hasan is the one bowler they have got who not only bowls fast, he swings it as well. He gets that lovely shape with the new ball. He probably bowls more short balls than he should. For a swing bowler, it’s all about making the ball kiss the surface and not about hitting it hard. But, it’s probably his inexperience because of which he gets carried away.

Dawlat Zadran is quick too, but, different from Hasan. He is slightly slingy, but, he can also put some effect on opposition players especially in the slog overs.