20 thoughts on “Sublime Stokes Century Halts Revitalised Windies – England v West Indies 2nd Test Day One 2017

  1. Just read through Ben Stokes profile yesterday , it's mentioned he was born in New Zealand and have played for NZ too, what a player NZ have missed out on..

  2. Stokes has already surpassed people like Shane watson as an all rounder, and if he continues like this for next 4-5 years, he may end up as one of the best ever.

  3. Fuck off England sellector .u mush be be fucking cunt. U got better player sitting in the corner. Don't be fucking dickhead. Better not defeated by west indies inexperienced cunts.if there was brain lara would make a difference. All those babe shit cunts.

  4. Lol seriously England top order is worst even American baseball club players are better than your useless top players. Get ready for ashes hope you have better plans against starc! Don't get over excited beating such a lower rank test team!

  5. This is the 19th opening partner for Cook since the retirement of Strauss, right?

  6. England love their test cricket. So happy to see the crowd pouring on every tests.

  7. i think they should bring carberry back becoz with this setup beating australia in ashes would be impossible

  8. ONCE again stokes comes to the rescue……..what if he is dsnt play for a series…that ill be alarming for eng

  9. How many more times will Stokes, Moeen or Bairstow dig England out of a hole? It won't work in Australia against a very strong attack in home conditions.

  10. Shanon Gabriel is such an outstanding bowler. If WI could've clinched onto to the chances, England would not had surpassed 200. Reflect actions shall be improved.
    Good comeback by WI❤?

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