15 thoughts on “Shane Warne – ESPN Legends Of Cricket No. 4 (Part 1)

  1. @MrHallucinated100 I wouldn’t say no discussion I mean come on. Warne and murali, head to head? too close to call imo.

    Pro for murali: Absolutely unplayable in sri lanka. Only Lara tamed him there in his pomp.
    Pro for warne: Extremely consistent home and away. Capable of turning the match even in unhelpful pitches.

    Con murali: Not as good away esp. on unhelpful pitches as warne is + too many wickets against bang/zim
    Con warne: Sucks horrendously against some opposition. (ind, WI away)

  2. @bhupeshyadav22 this has to be a joke.
    ambrose > akram and waqar.
    mcgrath > akram and waqar
    donald = akram > waqar

    and as far as hadlee is concerned he’s superb and I mean superb. but he is no malcolm marshall.

  3. Seems lke these these guys have forgotten about the Legend off spinner Muralidaran.. i admit yeah warne is a grate Leg spinner but at the same time murali gets the greatest position of the off spinner!!!

  4. @handsandheels If you can define what “the best” is, i will be very impressed, is it based on average? you have to have a basis for calling someone good if not you are just stating an unstatable fat, you should hav at least said that in your opinion Lillee wsa the best, but no you were just ignorant to another opinon on something entirely opinion based at this moment in time

  5. @xLingyy Er….? The thread talks about fast bowlers. DK Lillee is the best. As for spin bowlers, i have not seen many, but Warne I think is one of the best. I define best as Wisden does, ‘the consistent ability to change a game in favour of his team’ DK Lillee fit that bill, without him, well, Australia in the mid 80s was pretty poor.
    Also- Those who can not reason use swearing to express themselves.

  6. Idiots. DK Lillee. The Best. None close. In his youth a speedster like Garner or Younis, then he was a medium fast bowler better than Dev or Hadlee. Shane Warne was successful because he was a spinner who had the attitude and aggression of his hero, DK Lillee…

  7. @bhupeshyadav22 man richard hadlee was not a fast bowler . he was more a medium pace swing bowler
    and you get ur fact rght dude thrs a huge difference between medium pace and fast bowling . its a difference of shane bond to pravin kumar or difference of speed tht is more thn 25000 meters 😀

  8. @MrHallucinated100 grab some knowledge about cricket dude nobody debates on marshal & ambrose on being the greatest fast bowler of all time because everybody knows they weren’t the greatest how can you forget about Richard Hadlee the daddy of all fast bowlers & in ambrose era there were two kings in the name of wasim akaram & waqar younus.
    Only Malcolm marshal i can say was the greatest westindian bowler of all time.

  9. richie benaud just hitted the bulls eye by saying that he changed the face of cricket

  10. shane in my view greatest cricketer of all time . i mean this guy has enormous amount of zeal, Enthusiasm and love for the game only parallel to sachin.
    and there’s always a debate about who is the greatest fast bowler of all time marshal or ambrose. but when you talk about spin, well no discussion .:D

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