11 thoughts on “Shane Warne and Ian Healy Cricket Masterclass

  1. Awesome to watch. A Master-class doesn’t get any better than this. The best leg-spinner of all time bowling to the best wicketkeeper of all time.

    Seeing Warne up close like this video, shows just how much of a genius he is. The speed, flight, and turn he gets on the ball from just a one step bowling action in this video is nothing short of phenomenal.

  2. @spinking458 lol, I recorded this on my hard drive with a set top box while I as on holiday, when I brought it back the hard drive smoked up after I tried to connect it lol.

  3. The blokes a genius he makes it looks so bloody easy! Good video arshutosh if you get more post them up.

  4. @spinking458 i am sorry that my video is not good quality. I got them off my tv. My tv is full HD but i dont know why the video quality is so bad.

  5. i had this video in full hd on the 60 inch plasma recorded on foxtel and it was awesome, but my bloody dad deleted, warne bowling videos are vids i can watch all day. So shattered my dad deleted it.

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