25 thoughts on “Highlights of Pakistan vs England 4th Day 2nd Test Abu Dhabi 28-01-2012 England 72/10 p3.mp4

  1. right now every test team is pathetic in overseas conditions.. which team is more pathetic?? we Indians who lost 8-0.. or the english who couldn’t win a match in last 19.. not sure.. there are no metrics to measure it:)
    BTW.. congrats to pakistani fans.. u totally deserve it.. Pakistan or SA will be next No 1 i guess..

  2. i was so much annoyed when some ppl compared this english team to windies of 80s and aussies of past decade.. even more so when cricinfo included them in the list of greatest test teams ever.. this just proves how wrong were those ppl..

  3. @machetou if your gonna insult me do it in urdu, or punjabi, cos your english is shit, and back to front. punkawalla kasmiri bitch.

  4. @Iazadify its a blip for england, no problem. they lost in pakistan after winning the ashes back in 2005, heard it all before, pakistan zinabad etc etc, its a false dawn for pakistan cricket trust me, pakistan cannot win series away against the big boys, this kinda pitch only suites them!! this goray knows his shit trust me. 6 months they`ll be burning effigys of younis khan in lahore again after getting thumped in a test series abroad. FACT

  5. @machetou england are shit? they played shit, dont mean they are shit. when were pakistan N01 in the world? if pakistan are that good lets see if they can win a series in australia or south africa or england?

  6. hahahaha ur jimmys bastard idiot your team got fucked hard because they r shit.do u remember 92 world cup.england invented cricket and they r very sour looooooooooooosers.
    jimmys love child wot a joke of a name hahahaha

  7. @ jimmy
    Y can’t u western take it when Pakistan win against england every single series Pakistan play against england u alot have new issue And if u remember it’s a same pitch where monty took 7 wickets but pakistan played it as a game and England just took it so easy they forget if monty can take wickets Pakistan have best spinning attack in world so just admit it that PAKISTAN ZINDABAD and plz just grew up and wait and watch for white wash 🙂 😀

  8. @urDad4Real

    Yeah that’s the stupidest comment ever . Celebrate your win against England, leave the rest out of it

  9. @jimmysavilleluvchild

    Fact, stop crying, FACT this match wasn’t played in ASIA 😛 why are people calling the Middle East, Asia? confused much?

    WHen Pakistan Wins, you all make this lame excuses to discount it, when they won the 20/20 World Cup , as much as i hate 20/20, the fact remains that Pakistan celebrated for 6months with the ICC holding the next one just 6 months later lol , while other teams got 2 & 4 years to celebrate.

    Grow up and face your own issues

  10. @machetou take the piss while you can. paki cricket team can only be competitive on this type of pitch…danish kaneira could take wickets on this pitch and hes shit. western teams cant play on asian pitches, asian teams cant play on western pitches, FACT. when was the last time pakistan won a big series on a western style pitch? yeah exactly. pakistan zinabad my fuckin arse.

  11. Well done Pk. I thought we had lost the match but you can tell this team plays with their heart and minds.. England failed again thought they would have levelled but we on course for a whitewash…

  12. pakistan kicked world no1 england arse hard.i will be taking the piss out of these goray at work 4 very long time.PAKISTAN ZINDABAD.long live PAKISTAN CRICKET TEAM

  13. sher ko sher hi pehcahnta hai or ye kal k gorey log samjhtey hain k pakistan ko nigal jayien gey beta hum chup tha par ab nahi ab jo bhi bola uss ki to ……haan samajh gaye na BOLO EK BAAT PAKISTAN ZINDA BAAD TAKAR lo gey to dhakar macha dein gey phir samjhana sali queen ko or apney law and order ko k pakis ne tumhari mari kyun pen de tako goreyoo te pen dey aahooooooooo

  14. @786MalikTahir That is why you watch the whole game, regardless of the odds. Pakistan has bowlers that can get any side out for under 100 runs.

  15. pakistan wicket keeper was trying to instigating reviews..? captain was calm and i appreciate that. england collapsed and i love it !

  16. abdur rehman should put on fleets . joger shoes disturb batsman eyes ( bob willis) 😉

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