17 thoughts on “England Cricket Stars Hit The Streets – courtesy of adidas Cricket

  1. @GracieW16
    “And how exactly is Bresnan better than Broad?”
    Right now, Bresnan is better at bowling, and he’s not injured. But if you’re more interested in how they look (as seems to be the case) than how they play, then that’s up to you.

  2. @HengistTheGreat Well it happens to everyone! And how exactly is Bresnan better than Broad?

  3. @GracieW16
    Caught speeding in Warne’s car lately. (Oh, and Bresnan is better than Broad).

  4. Wondering what Rory Hamilton-Brown is doing there…? Not exactly a cricket star?! It just seems a bit random when he’s never played for England! Very pleased Stuart Broad is there though! He is very gorgeous!

  5. @theothaa

    “JP Duminy strikes again. [I] fancy a brew now.” is what KP says.

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