25 thoughts on “Cricket: How to bowl leg-spin like Shane Warne

  1. Shane Warne isn’t the spin king. Muttiah Muralitharan is, but many still call Shane Warne the spin king, and that is just very irrespective of them….

  2. @jawscricket I had this problem. You’ve cocked your wrist backwards where the back of the hand is facing the batsman (creating a googly); instead have your back-hand facing towards your face when you bowl. Don’t have the seam directly aiming at the batsman, it would just be a top-spinner.
    REMEMBER to leg-break, you need your back–hand facing your eyes.
    All the best,,it took me two weeks, everyday bowling at stumps for 4 hours.

  3. @jawscricket – me too, quite a handy delivery every now and then, but not six balls per over.

  4. @rad0ri ….The cocking of the wrist,not choking the ball too far back in the hand and the back of the wrist facing down at your face from your above right combined with the pivoting of the front foot to pull your body around from right to left at release. See my above comments.

  5. @someblokecalleddave1 …Yes…the footwork of the delivery, especially the planting and grinding pivot by the ball of the foot from right to left is missed by many people trying to bowl leg spin.This action pulls your body around on that point and makes the magic happen.

  6. @jawscricket …Also you need to get very side on and pivot hard on your braced front foot to “pull” your body around from right to left. many leggies don’t get the foot work right and miss out on generating big spin. Watch some videos of Warne really grinding that front foot into the pitch in that spot. But your most likely problem is wrist position…the back of it should be facing your face from above right on release.

  7. @jawscricket .for a big turning leggie the back of your hand should be facing you from your above right. It needs to start in the cocked wrist position down by your right pants pocket and ends with your arm going across your body….right to left. For the wrong un the back of your wrist should face the batsman and your arm comes down the right-side of your body and does NOT cross it. This imparts the spin in a left to right rotation. The wrong un is bowled more chest on that the side-on leggie.

  8. every time i try to bowl leg spin it just turns of. like a wrong’ un. how can i change this

  9. TJ was a great man. He handled his adversary admirably and was a damn fine commentator.

  10. @rad0ri It’s more complex than that, it’s a combination of both. A good analogy is the idea of whip. If you use a whip, you have to start out with a good strong base in order to really crack the whip, you then need good technique to transfer the energy through to the whip crack at the end. Wrist Spinning done well is a whole body action that includes almost every part of your body right from your toes to your finger tips.

  11. hey, viewers, wat would be the most important step in this that gets the spin???? i need alot more spin in it because it isnt really turning ,is it the wrist flick or the the finger???

  12. A good video you know I myself learnt to turn the ball a little but now i’am able to turn it a bit more.

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