25 thoughts on “Bizzare run out – New Zealand v England 2009 Champions Trophy

  1. Exactly, against the same team (NZ) within 12 months of this game. If I had been in Vettori’s position I would have told Collingwood to fuck off – PAYBACK’S A BITCH, AIN’T IT!!!! Oh well, we won the game anyway

  2. normally the ball is NOT in play in this situation, genius! as soon as the keeper has caught the ball, the ball is termed dead ball unless the batsman is looking for a run off byes etc and, collingwood clearly wasnt looking for a run!
    Yes he was out according to laws of the game but not ethically…

  3. The ball was still in play….so Collingwood’s definitely out…. All moral and ethical pundits should stay out of this

  4. i recall an english side lead by collingwood unfairly running out a player when the bowler knocked the batsman to the gorund. English prick deserved some treatment should have been back in the sheds u ranga

  5. shud never do this to england. because they never return the favor. i rmr collingwood not returning the favor to NZ.

  6. this seems to be a routine with english players….stroll out of the crease, get run out, plead to stay back, get the umpires to talk to the opposition captain and then praise them for sportsmanship….collingwood against NZ and Bell against India….

  7. Don’t you have to be trying for a run to be run out? And isn’t the ball dead after the keeper collects the ball since the batsmen aren’t looking to take a run?

  8. I’m a New Zealander you fuckwit. McCullum is a knob, common knowledge.

  9. ACTUALLY, IN ONE OF THE RECENT MATCH SOMETHING SIMILAR HAPPENED IN ind vs srilanka, but sachin gave a warning and let go but i say he shudnt hav done it and shud have taken the wicket coz he was given option dat if he wants out then its out but he said no and it pissed me off for the rest of the day……….bt he is a gr8 playa and so is Vettori ……….its jus reflexes

  10. Quite conveniant that it’s the first video on the related videos list too. But I think your’e quite right. Good on Dan for making ethical decision.

  11. yeah, well he wouldn’t have gone out of his crease if he didn’t think it was over… it would be sort of unfair to give it out.

  12. Asad Rauf: ok overs done let me clear my counter and ….WTF!…better call third umps…

  13. All the negative comments about NZ, remember the same situation the previous season where the England did the same thing against NZ and Collingwood didn’t recall Grant Elliot?

  14. Except for what Collingwood did earlier to NZ, when Sidebottom crashed into the batsmen …

  15. I was watching this hopeing that the appeal would be withdrawn. As it was, the NZ captain did the sporting thing. Good Stuff Danny Boy

  16. Total hypocrites. Just watched englands ( well irelands) morgan clearly see the ball hit the boundary amd not call a four. England r skanks.

  17. Agree with the spinner comment. This is a medium pacer though. When is the ball dead and he is allowed to walk out and do some gardening on the pitch and talk to his batting partner? It’s not clear.

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