23 thoughts on “38 runs in an over ! Worst Over In Cricket History !

  1. It says more about a significant British achievement.In fact It says that eventually Brits have started to learn how to properly play some games than just to invent many more.
    News just in:England defeats Brazil ! at Wembley

  2. Scott Styris achieved a unique feat in this innings as he became the only player to score his century in same no of balls as his age. He was born on 1975 & he scored the century in 2012. So at the age of 37 he scored the century in 37 balls.

  3. Setting the record straight! County Cricket T20 no balls are worth 2.

    Making the first 2 balls go for 12, not 10.

  4. I am an Indian too but what you said in your comment is just bull shit. Domestic cricket can follow different rules even IPL has certain rules different from international cricket… I don’t see anything wrong in that. And give some respect to a country which has discovered this wonderful game …. CRICKET.

  5. Wait, can someone tell my why the first 2 balls go for 6 runs each (according to the commentary at least because they say it’s 18 off the over after the third ball 6)? They’re 4 runs + the 1 for the no ball. Where does the extra one come from?

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